Purple Passion Rose
Height / Habit: 5 feet bush, dark green foliage, pointed, ovoid buds, 18 - 20 inch stems
Bloom / Size: 5 inches
Petal Count: 30
Fragrance: Lemony
Hybridizer: Jackson & Perkins

New for 2000
Purple PassionTM

(Var: JAColpur, Patent Applied For)

Hybrid Tea - Dark Purple

Deep, rich purple blooms with a perfect high-centered form are carried on the long, graceful stems of an upright bush. Add an irresistible lemony scent to this mix and you’ve got an exceptional garden rose that’s ideal for cut-flower bouquets.

Novel color, extraordinary fragrance!

Ready-to-plant, just put in the ground and watch it grow!  $17.99 ea
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